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Winds of Change – The Graether Family Fund for Climate Science

While the term “climate change” can provoke polarized reactions, retired Marshalltown ophthalmic surgeon and philanthropist Dr. John Graether says those reactions point to the importance of education.

“The education of people is so important in fighting climate change; people don’t grasp the enormity of the problem,” he says. “I think we can make a difference non-confrontationally. People are beginning to realize that we need to do something. Everyone cares about their children and grandchildren and the world we’ll leave for them.”

The Graether Family Fund for Climate Science Advancement is enabling Iowa State to provide interdisciplinary climate science education to young people who are eager to engage in this work and make a difference in society, especially at this inflection point for capturing their passion, imagination and energy.

You can read more about the Graether Family Fund in Forward Magazine, a publication of the ISU Foundation.