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Do you remember the awe-inspiring feeling you experienced when you first stepped foot onto Iowa State University’s stunning campus, embarking on your journey as a Cyclone? Back then, you couldn’t have predicted what your future held, but we in the Department of the Earth, Atmosphere, and Climate knew you had the potential to make a difference.

We take immense pride in our alumni and friends who are making a meaningful impact in their respective fields around the globe. You can find inspiring examples of their success stories on our alumni reflections page.

Many of our esteemed alumni and friends remain connected to our department by generously supporting us through the Iowa State University Foundation. By donating to scholarships and other initiatives, they have made a significant difference in the lives of our students, enabling them to achieve their academic and career aspirations.

With a Master’s degree in meteorology, uncertainty has transformed into anticipation of how I will further apply my degree to real-world problems involving hydrology and water resources.

Logan Karsten, B.S. 2009; M.S. 2011, Meteorology

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