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GEAT welcomes Assistant Professors Christina Patricola and Ian Williams!

Dr. Christina Patricola studies the physical relationships between extreme weather events, natural climate variability, and climate change within the coupled Earth system. She uses high-resolution numerical climate models and observations to investigate connections between the large-scale climate and extreme weather events, including tropical cyclones, floods, storms, and drought.

Dr. Ian Williams studies atmospheric and terrestrial ecosystem science, including land-atmosphere interactions, water and carbon cycles, and climate feedbacks. His research combines numerical modeling with observations of the land surface, atmospheric boundary layer, and clouds.

Prior to arriving at Iowa State, both Dr. Patricola and Dr. Williams held Research Scientist positions in the Climate and Ecosystem Sciences Division of the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in Berkeley, California. In addition to conducting research, they will be teaching classes on the topics of weather and climate, climate change, boundary layer meteorology, and numerical modeling. We are very excited to have them both as part of the GEAT faculty!