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Kaela Gollob presents her undergraduate research at the Iowa Groundwater Association’s “virtual” meeting

Kaela Gollob received the 2019 Iowa Groundwater Association’s (IGWA) Student Research Grant and presented results from her research project, entitled “Hydrogeology and Geochemistry of an Alluvial Aquifer in Ames, Iowa: Evidence for NO3-N Transport and Denitrification” at Iowa Groundwater Association’s “virtual” meeting on May 1st. She has worked with Dr. Bill Simpkins on the project since last spring and has received an Geology Undergraduate Research Grant from GEAT, a Stewart Grant from CALS for her Honors Program, and an Undergraduate Research Grant from Geological Society of America. Kaela will graduate this weekend as a double major in Geology and Environmental Science. In addition to getting married this summer, she will be starting graduate school to work with Mary Hill at the University of Kansas in Lawrence in the fall.

When she is not in class, she works as a lab technician intern for the USDA National Lab for Agriculture and the Environment on campus and as a manager for the ISU Outdoor Recreation Program, where she has led backcountry trips to Utah, Georgia, and Arkansas. In her free time, she loves to enjoy the outdoors, especially by backpacking, kayaking, and traveling.