Sajjad Akam

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My broader research theme aims to improve our understanding of biogeochemical complexities in aquatic systems and their relevance to carbon cycling and climate. A particular focus is on the organic and inorganic geochemistry associated with methane cycling in marine and lacustrine settings. Professionally, I have an active interest in inclusive geoscience education, R&D, science-based solutions to environmental and geologic problems, and organizational development strategies.


BS - University of Delhi (Geology)

MS - University of Delhi (Geology)

Ph.D. - Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (Coastal and Marine System Science)

Selected Publications

  • Akam, S. A., Lyons, T. W., Coffin, R. B., McGee, D., Naehr, T. H., Bates, S. M., Clarkson, C., & Reese, B. K. (2021). Carbon-sulfur signals of methane versus crude oil diagenetic decomposition and U-Th age relationships for authigenic carbonates from asphalt seeps, southern Gulf of Mexico. Chemical Geology, 120395.
  • Akam, S. A., Coffin, R. B., Abdulla, H. A., & Lyons, T. W. (2020). Dissolved inorganic carbon pump in methane-charged shallow marine sediments: state of the art and new model perspectives. Frontiers in Marine Science, 7, 206.